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Geoff Bruskin2 min read

95% of Accounting Recruiters are weak sauce

Unlocking the truth about Accounting Recruiters: 95% may fall short, but what sets the exceptional 5% apart? We've all encountered recruiters who make big promises but deliver subpar candidates who barely understand your firm. Weeks or even months go by without a word, and their supposed "active rolodex" falls flat. It's time to discover how the exceptional 5% distinguish themselves. They start with candid evaluations, ensuring you know the market's reality. With a dedicated search partner who prioritizes your needs, not just another client, they bring meticulous attention and a commitment to sourcing the right talent. Check out some recent success stories and imagine the impact a dedicated search partner could have on your firm's future.95% OF ACCOUNTING RECRUITERS ARE WEAK SAUCE.

You’re probably familiar with Accounting Recruiters who:

  • Promise to provide you with great candidates.
  • Promise to provide you with them in a timely manner.
  • Say they have an active rolodex of candidates ready to take interviews.
  • Say they will only send you qualified candidates.
  • Say they can find you candidates who are hungry for career growth.

Here's the reality:

  • The candidates they do provide are sub-par at best, and don’t even know what your firm does, at worst.
  • You go weeks, sometimes months without hearing from them.
  • The candidates they source, they stumble upon. No one worth your time and energy is in their rolodex.
  • They send you garbage.
  • They do not find you candidates with real hunger, ambition, and humility

How the other 5% are different:

  • Candid evaluations at search onset to discuss the reality of the market, and what is, and is not available.
  • A dedicated search partner where you are not one of a thousand clients, but one of a few, so your problems become your search partner’s solution.
  • Attention to detail, listening capability, and dedicated sourcing - not the “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” mentality that is so common in recruiting.

A few of our recent successes:

  • A Senior Audit Manager for a $50m northeast region CPA firm. She will be the next practice leader of this specialty book.
  • A Tax Manager for a west coast ultra-high net worth individual tax compliance and advisory firm. He has significant family office experience.
  • A Partner in Charge of Audit for a $1.5m Florida based tax firm with an emerging audit practice. He’s relocating to Florida from another southeast regional state.

Imagine what a dedicated search partner could do for the future of your firm!



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