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Geoff Bruskin2 min read

What Age is your Accounting Firm in?

Is your accounting firm stuck in the Stone Age, struggling to address major issues, or perhaps you find yourself in the Bronze Age, constantly patching up minor problems? Maybe you've already entered the Modern Age, where growth and innovation are your main focus. In this 1st White Tiger Connections blog article, we'll explore the evolution of accounting practices, from Stone Age challenges to Bronze Age complexities and the promising opportunities of the Modern Age. Discover where your firm stands and how we can help you progress towards a brighter tomorrow.

Stone Age

You have major problems you are looking for advice and best practices on how to address differently, because let’s be honest, what you have been doing hasn’t been working.

  • You have had at least one open position at your firm for over 24 months.
  • You have had more than one strategic person in your firm or department leave in the last 90 days, and other departmental shortages have yet to be replaced.
  • Strategic initiatives often go without attention because you are juggling so many things.
  • You are uniformly working in the business, you don’t have any time to work on the business.
  • Concepts like remote work, strategic outsourcing, and M&A are intimidating to you, seem impossible to effectively implement, and you wouldn’t even know where to start.

Bronze Age

You have minor problems in your firm, and you may be missing out on major opportunities because you’re so busy putting bandaids on strategic problems.

But what else can you do?

  • You’re never caught up on hiring, even though you’re bringing in new people all the time, and there’s one or two elusive searches that’s plaguing the firm’s stability or growth.
  • You’ve made some recent strategic movements (acquisitions, outsourcing, remote hires, expanded service offerings, moved up market, promoted 1 or more new Partners…) but there are operational and/or client delivery challenges you consistently struggle with and no one seems to have a solution that is preferable to the continuity of the problem…
  • You have problems aligning internal stakeholders.

Modern Age

You have a couple of moles, but there are no underlying problems with your firm. Most of your time is spent thinking about growth, and the rest of your time is spent keeping your great people happy and engaged.

  • M&A
  • Very high level talent acquisition
  • Partnerships with exceptional companies increasing offering capacity and firm dimensionality

What Age is your Accounting Firm in?