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Turn Your Fears Into Opportunities This Halloween Season

Turn Your Fears Into Opportunities This Halloween Season

Turn Your Fears Into Opportunities This Halloween Season

This Halloween, we’re not just carving pumpkins; we’re carving solutions to some of the most significant challenges in the world of public accounting. Here are the top three fears we’re tackling:


The very word sends chills down the spines of many accounting firm owners. What if clients don’t like it and leave? What about data security and quality control? These are legitimate concerns, but we partner with outsourcing providers we’ve personally vetted who share your commitment to confidentiality and excellence, and in our experience, the only clients who leave (if any), are the ones you want to fire anyway.


Allowing for remote work is not nearly as terrifying as it seems. It’s understandable to worry that productivity will decrease, but many accountants we talk to say they’re more productive when working from home because they’re able to eliminate commute time, start work earlier, end work later, and work more efficiently without in-office distractions.


You’re 3-5 years out from retirement, and your slotted successor just put in their two-week notice. With today’s dry talent market, you fear you’ll have to work until you’re dead! We hear it often, so we get it. Don’t worry, the golf course and/or or beach with the grandkids is not off the table. Our team can and will develop and implement a succession solution that works for you!

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